• This product was designed with professional Forex brokers in mind, but can be used by complete novices as well.
  • Exclusively designed for highly effective manual trading, our new product allows you to stop worrying about Trailing Stop installation.
  • Then ONE-TIME simple installation in the chart, with a few simple adjustments to it -- and that is all! From that point on your only concern is to open orders in a timely fashion.

Feel free to ask me if you need any help. 
Yours, Rita Lasker.


  NEW:  We’d like to offer you a new product – a Trailingator. This is a an automatic Trailing Stop, that will make your trades much more profitable and even more predictable, which in turn will make you much happier and relaxed.

Trailingator, just as a genuine alligator, will “sink” its teeth into a profit and
won’t let it go under any circumstances.

The main function of our Trailingator is to help you fix the profits at the most critical moment, while flawlessly performing it under any market conditions.

  A question:  Who is this product for?

Trailingator is a product, that’s ideally suited for practically any trader, who favors manual trades.

  • If you like scalping, you will greatly appreciate the speed of Trailagor’s activation and precision.

  • However, if you prefer intraday trading, you will undoubtedly appreciate the possibility of installing Trailing Stop over put-aside orders.


  Price and Value of the product:

The price of Trailingstor is miniscule, however its value is disparately high.

It’s a known fact – any Forex delays sometimes can be pricey. Anyone, who ever lost profits due to a cumbersome Trailing Stop built into MetaTrader, most likely remembers quite well that nagging feeling.

  So, let’s break it down one by one:

With all of the uniqueness of traders, all of them, regardless of a strategy used, operate basic Metatrader instruments – they open and close the orders, modify them, while adding Stop Loss and Take Profit. Many traders in their daily trading routine, use one highly effective instrument – Trailing Stop.

What is Trailing Stop?

Trailing Stop is your tether in case the price moves back and goes to the wrong side.

Trailing Stop algorithm always watches the price and moves the Stop Loss next to it.

Trailing Stop closes the order with the profit in case of the price turn.

The way Trailing Stop operates is illustrated in the example below:

a point - Buy order opens

b point - Trailing Stop works and starts moving Stop Loss after the price

c point – the price starts to lower down though the Stop Loss stays in place

d point – the price goes up again, Stop Loss goes after it

e point – the price is maximum and goes down, though the Stop Loss doesn’t go down

f point – the order closes by Stop Loss not allowing to lose everything that was gained earlier.

This way after the price turn the algorithm of Trailing Stop closes the order with the profit.

  What’s so "unique" ?

MetaTrader has a built-in and well-designed automated Trailing Stop function. However, it has a few shortcomings.

  • In order to call up this function, you need time

  • In order to choose a TrailingStop value, again, it requires some time

  • If a much needed TralingStop value is not on the list offered, it has to be entered manually, which also requires time

And finally, if you use pending orders, this function can not be engaged altogether, until pending orders are open.If you ever encountered any of these problems, then our product is custom-tailored for you.

Comparison chart: Trailing Stop vs Trailingator

  MT4 Trailing Stop Trailingator
Preliminary Tuning NO YES
Automatic activation NO YES
Trailing Stop level adjustment YES YES
Trailing Step adjustment NO YES
Miscalleneous adjustments for various currency pairs YES YES
Pending orders activation at the time of opening NO YES

Simple, effective and highly reliable, the Trailgator will assist you in keeping and multiplying your profits. It will also supplement your routine work on Forex with an abundance of positive emotions, while preserving the most important commodity we have – the time.

Needless to say, having plenty of it, you could spend it on more pleasant things in life other than non-stop staring into the monitor, while performing repetitive tasks.


It works with ANY brokers, ANY timeframes, ANY pairs
It DOESN'T open orders automatically
The FASTEST software that allows you control T.S.
No need for any prior experience or knowledge how to tune it.
100% FREE of risk
No need for any special knowledge as a pre-requisite
No other like it in the world

  How does it work ?

Trailgator is not an indicator and is not an Expert Advisor.

It neither clues you on the exact moment, when you should open an order, nor it opens the orders by itself for you. It patiently waits, tracks and follows your actions to instantaneously kick-in, while holding your profits fixed.

Your entire interaction with it could be summarized in these 3 simple steps:

  • Step 1: You install Trailingator in a chart of a currency pair.

  • Step 2: You adjust 2 simple parameters: Trailing Stop and Trailing Step.

  • Step 3: At the critical moment you open an order.



All orders that you open on a chosen currency pair, will be tracked down by Trailingator and each one will have a designated Trailing Stop. Subsequently, each order will close automatically, to fixate the profits more effectively.



Only in one case our product could be of little use: if you’re a trader, who prefers a long-term investment. However, even in that case we would still like to advise you to acquire the Trailgator.

While continuously utilizing this method of trading, you, at times, may feel bored and this would lend a good opportunity to meet the Lady-luck.

  The BEST way to learn how it works...

Please take a look at this "movie". You can watch how the Trailingator works by clicking "Play" button.

(It requires hi-speed internet connection)


  What you will get:

Having bought our product you will receive:

An indispensable instrument for modification of open orders and adding Trailing Stop to them.

Detailed User’s Guide with extremely easy-to-understand description of how to install and utilize Trailingator in your trade.


  A slight lyrical digression…

Each trader is unique.

So are the strategies, tactics and even words each trader uses to describe his/her emotions while trading on Forex!

In the pursuit to provide each and every trader with an ideal instrument for profitable trading, we sometimes realize that built-in features of MetaTrader 4 can’t either fully guarantee or provide the flexibility and comfort suited for each individual.

Hence, we resort to developing from the ground up something that supposedly had already been developed a long time ago. But, as they say, perfection has no boundaries.

If you are an avid die-hard devotee of manual trading and under no circumstances can accept the automatic one, starting today, we’ve got a good news for you: FOREX TRAILINGATOR SHOULD BE YOURS!




Please Note:

We highly recommend that you take some time to study and evaluate questions and answers,
posted below. This will allow you to precisely understand the principals of how this new product operates.




Q. I’m afraid to use Expert Advisor since it may open orders when I don’t want it to.
Does your Tralilgator open orders?

A. There’s a vast number of Expert Advisors that operate at wrong times and open wrong orders. However, our Trailingator is considered to be an Expert Advisor only formally. It just closes them. Only YOU can open orders, while the Trailgator’s function is to close them in a timely fashion, while fixating profits at the most appropriate time.

Q. Does your Trailingator track down all orders that I open in my MetaTrader?
A. Trailingator tracks only the orders within one currency pair in whose chart it’s installed. In the chart of any other pair, you will be required to install Trailingator additionally.

Q. Can I use one Trailingator in more than one currency pair (in different timeframes)?
A. Yes, Trailingator installed in a chart of one currency pair, will be triggered in all other charts of this currency pair, regardless of the timeframe.

Q. If I disable MetaTrader, will your Trailngator still function?
A. No. In order for the Trailingator to function properly, it’s necessary for MT4 to be enabled and for a computer to be plugged into the internet.

Q. On how many different charts, timeframes, accounts and brokers can I use your product?
A. You could use it on any number of charts, timeframes and accounts. There are no limitations.

Q. Does Trailingator work on terminals with 4 and 5 digits?
A. Yes, you could rest assured, you won’t need to worry about how many decimals your broker supports, as Trailingator performs it automatically.

Q. My usual trade strategy is as follows: in the beginning of the day I issue 2 pending orders and at night I fixate either profits or losses. I really miss a Trailing Stop function, that would operate with pending orders. Can your product help me in turning profit?
A. Yes, of course. Having Trailingator deal with the pending orders is on of the incontestable advantages of our product .

Q. Usually Expert Advisors cost around $129, how come yours is so cheap?
A. That’s simply because it’s not a self-regulating Robot. It’s a very handy instrument to support manual trading.
We do believe that its price range will be within reach of the majority of traders, however, its usefulness for all of our customers will be exceptionally high. We honestly hope that Trailingator will be very much liked by our members and will be a very handy and effective instrument for each and every one of our traders.

Should you have any additional question on something that we haven’t covered here, please feel free to contact our friendly support staff – we’ll be glad to assist you.


Our very responsive professional support team is ready to answer any and all of your questions at any time, should you have any.


We ABSOLUTELY guarantee that our support team’s response time is MUCH faster
than any other out there. Take our word for it – you’ll be pleasantly surprised!



 Remember:  We thought you might like to know and it would be worth noting that part of the proceeds is transferred to the Environmental Protection Fund. Acquiring any of our great products, you’re not only getting a top-notch financial instrument, but at the same time help ecologically protect our beautiful green planet.

We are true believers that the future generations will thank us for taking care
of them in that way.
It may warm your heart, knowing that with each dollar you earn, you also make a contribution of a different kind in the preservation and betterment of our beautiful Mother Earth.





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I will do my best to help you.


Sincerely yours,Rita Lasker.

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